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“Lice Lifters of the Jersey Shore” uses the most current technology in the treatment of head lice.

If you or someone you know starts scratching its time to call Lice Lifters of the Jersey Shore. It’s important to call us at the first sign of lice to help stop the spread. We offer a safe, fast & effective solution to head lice in New Jersey.

We utilize a non-toxic 3 step program to eradicate the head lice infestation. Our lice treatment center is family friendly and more like a salon then a lice treatment center. We are proud to serve Monmouth County, Ocean and Atlantic Counties.


Call For Appointment:  732-440-4760

Why choose “Lice Lifters of the Jersey Shore” Treatment Center?


  • Chemical and pesticide free, 100% safe and non-toxic


  • One visit to our treatment center with a simple post-treatment follow up at home  using our non-toxic “The Nit Nanny® products


  • Our “TRIPLE THREAT TREATMENT” is over 99.9% effective after one treatment  with the FDA cleared medical device – AirAllé™



 A recommended treatment for Lice

by the American Academy of Pediatrics


A member of the

East Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce

*For more information on benefits and possible risks, visit  or call 1-877-781-0999.