Social studies

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Climate Description of whether patterns over a long period of time.
Percipitation Moisture that falls to the earthEx rain,hail,sleet,and snow.
Temperture The weather outside in degrees.EX Warm,cold,cool,and hot
North Atlantic Drift Warm ocean current witch makes western Europe have mild climate change.
Altiude Elevation above sea leval
Currents Rivers,Of warm Water from tropical climates flow to other areas.
Whether Day to day whether.


Question Answer
Anerkennen Ïðèçíàâàòü/öåíèòü
Die Anerkennung (finden) Ïðèçíàíèå
Auffallen D Áðîñàòüñÿ â ãëàçà
Das Ausland Çàãðàíèöà
Der Auslander Èíîñòðàííåö
Der Auslandsaufenthalt Ïðåáûâàíèå çà ãðàíèöåé
Auswandern Ýìèãðèðîâàòü
Die Auswanderung Ýìèãðàöèÿ
Beachten A Îáðàùàòü âíèìàíèå íà
Bewaltigen A Ñïðàâèòüñÿ/ïðåîäîëåòü
Den Horizont erweitern Ðàñøèðèòü ãîðèçîíò
Den Kontakt mit D knupfen Ïîçíàêîìèòñÿ ñ
Den Kulturschock erleben Ïåðåæèòü êóëüòóðíûé øîê
Ein besseres Leben fuhren Æèòü ëó÷øå
Die Angst vor D Ñòðàõ ÷åãî-ëèáî

Catholic quiz cards Quiz cards to help you know and understand some basic concepts

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What are the first five of the ten commandments? I am the Lord Though God, Though shall not have any gods before Me. Do not take the name of the Lord God in vain. Remember to keep holy the Lord's day. Though shall honor thy father and mother. Though shall not kill.
What are the next five of the ten commandments? Though shall not commit adultery. Though shall not steal, Though shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor, though shall not covet thy neighbor's wife, though shall not covet thy neighbor's goods.
What are the seven sacraments? Baptism, Penance, Communion, Confirmation, Holy orders, annointing of the sick, and Matrimony.
What are the spiritual works of mercy? To admonish the sinner, to instruct the ignorant, to counsel the doubtful, to comfort the sorrowful, to bear wrongs patiently, to forgive all injuries, and to pray for the living and the dead.
What are the corporal works of mercy? To feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the imprisoned, and bury the dead.
What are the tree theological virtues? Faith, hope, and charity.
What are the cardinal virtues? Prudence, Justice, fortitude, temperance
What are the seven gifts of the holy spirit? wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.
What are the twelve fruits of the holy spirit? charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, long-suffering, mildness, faith, modesty, contingency, and charity.

boone test 2

Question Answer
what can congress do? make war, pass laws, borrow money
what could congress NOT do? tax states, carry out laws, make trades between states
how did the states start acting? printed money, made armies, taxed goods
how many states had a bill of rights in their constitution? could the government take them away? 7, no
where did constitutional convention take place? philidelphia
what state did not send a delegate? Rhode Island
What happened to the Articles of Confederation at the Constitutional Convention? they were scrapped
what is a confederation An agreement between two or more parties
what did the delegates at the constitutional convention agree on? Have 3 branches, congress makes laws, executive had the power to carry out laws, judicial has power to judge, the power to raise money.
what did the delegates disagree on? How to set up branches, larger states wanted more voting power, smaller states wanted more power, what to do with slavery.
what is the great comprimise? Two houses of congress were created. All of the states have equal votes in the Senate
Describe the 3/5 Compromise South decided 3/5th of slaves would be counted as population so they could get more seats in congress
Describe the Slave Trade Compromise government given full control of trade but could not end slave trade for 20 years
How similar was the Constitution to other states’ Constitutions? very (true)
The plan for the government is divided into a series of what? articles
What are the opening words of the Constitution called? preamble
What are the branches of the government? Legislative – congressexecutive – presidentJudicial – court
What branch of the government is responsible for making laws? Legislative
What branch of the government is responsible for carrying out laws? Executive
What branch of the government is responsible for judging the laws? judicial
What principle gives each branch some power over the other branches? checks and balances
What is a change to the constitution called amendment
Before the constitution was law it had to be _______ ratified
What was the first set of amendments to the constitution called and how many amendments were there? bill of rights, 10
What group of people were in favor of the Constitution as it was written? What kinds of people were they mostly made up of? federalists. lawyers, doctors, wealthy merchants
List the names of the individuals who wrote the Federalist Papers. Alexander HamiltonJames MadisonJohn Jay
what types of people felt the constitution took too much power from the states? anti-fedralists (farmers, small business owners, townspeople)
what was the first state to vote in favor of the constitution delware
how many satets had to vote on the constitution for it to be a law. 9
what was a law called that does not follow the constitution? uncontitutional
how many ammendemts are in the constitution 27
how many amendment proposals have there been 6,000+
what is the highest law in the U.S. constitution
which laws must uphold the constitution state and federal laws (all)
what are examples of some laws that would be considered unconstitutional? raising voting age to 21, dictatorship, president making executive orders
what does legislative branch do? makes laws aka congress
what does executive branch do carries out laws aka president
what does judicial branch do judges laws
ammendments: sets up a way to change the constitution
supreme law constitutiion is highest law of the land
ratification sets up for states to vote
list principles of the constitution separation of power, rule of people, limited power, checks and balances, judicial review, federal government.
bail money or property given to ensure you will show up for court
suffrage right to vote
civil rights liberties of the people
ration a limit on the amount of something
poll tax fee chraged to register to vote.
1st amendment The government can't establish a national religion or prevent people from worshiping as they choose. Also guaranteed: the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to peacefully assemble, and the right to petition the government.
2nd amendment A well regulated militia is necessary to the security of the state. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
3rd amendment Members of the military cannot force you to let them stay in your home during peace time, or in war, unless prescribed by law.
4th amendment Law enforcement must have a warrant, through probable cause, in order to search your property. This protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.
5th amendment Protects the right to due process, from being tried twice for the same crime, and prohibits self-incrimination (you may remain silent).
6th amendment Protects the right to a fair and speedy public trial by a jury of impartial peers, and the right to a lawyer.
7th amendment Calls for jury trials in civil cases where a minimum amount of money is at stake. Originally was $20 but now is generally $75,000.
8th amendment Prohibits excessive fines and excessive bail, as well as cruel and unusual punishment.
9th amendment Just because a right isn’t specified in the Constitution, doesn’t mean that you don’t have it.
10th amendment The federal government only has those powers that are given in the Constitution, by the people, giving the states the freedom to govern how they choose.
Study branch checks
rebellious farmers saw what as their biggest threat the debtor courts
what events pushed farmers to fully rebel the militia act, suspension of habeas corpus, riot act
why couldn't the federal government get involved with the rebellion? it was a "state" problem
how did the federalists and anti federalists compromise? by allowing the states and national gov to share power
what best defines habeas corpus you deserve your day in court
which bill of rights act would be violated if they put the riot act into place 1st it would rid the right to assemble
which bill of rights would be violated if they suspended habeas corpus? 6th you deserve to have a hearing in court
which of the bill of rights would be violated if congress enacted the militia act? 2nd , states you have a right to an army
executive over judicail can grant reprives and pardons for federal crimes
judicial over executive they are appointed for life
legislative over executive all the above
legislative over judicial can impeach and remove and remove federal judges
describe rule by the people the people hold the power
describe limited powers the government must not be too strong
describe separation of powers power is divided into legislative, judicial, executive
describe checks and balances each government breanch has power over the others
describe judicial review state courts throw out laws that go against the constitution
federal government the us government has some powers the states have some.


Question Answer
Fertile Easy to grow plants in
Prairies Another name for grass lands
Rock fragments Pieces of Broken down rocks
Parent rock The source of the rock fragments
The layer of rock beneath soil
Soil texture The soil quality that is based on the the proportions of soil particles
Soil structure The arrangement of soil particles
Soil Is a loose mixture of small mineral fragments
Humus The organic material formed in soil from the decayed remains of plants and animals
Leaching Water that dissolves and carries nutrients in the topsoil through the horizons
Horizon A Consists of topsoil
Horizon B Collects the dissolved substances and nutrients deposited from the upper horizons
Horizon C Is made of partially weathered bedrock
Litter Trash such as paper
Residual soil Soil that remains above its parang rock
Transported soil

Team moon

Term Definition
Lunar Associated with the moon
Likelihood The possibility that something will happen
Impending About to take place
Presumable Expect
Option A choice
Unpredictability Known uncertainty
Random Purpose
Perilous Risky
Ascent Going upward
Hovering Floating in one place in the air

Investigation 1 S

Question Answer
Where does the sun rise? In the east
Where does the sun set? In the west
If my shadow points to the north , what time of day is it? Noon
What direction do shadows point in the morning? West
What direction do shadows point in the afternoon? East
When are shadows the shortest? Noon
When are shadows the longest? Early morning and late afternoon
Compared to the sun, which direction do all shadows point? Opposite direction of the sun
True or False: The sun moves around earth once every 24 hours. False
True or False: It takes 1 year for the earth to turn on its axis. False
True or False: Night is the side of earth in shadow. True
True or False: Earth is always half in shadow and half in light. True
A student wants to make a model of the earth and sun. She keeps the globe in position and moves the flashlight in a circle around the globe. What is wrong with her model? The globe should move around the flashlight. In space, earth moves around the sun.
Why do we have day and night on earth?

Electric Filing Bits Milady NT Ch 15 Electric Filing

Question Answer
Bits come in different sizes/shapes/ and styles and used as interchangable attachments for electric filing (efiling)
Concentric Bits Balanced Bits/centered if wobbling or vibrate no longer concentric and can cause damage or microshattering
Grits measured by the number of abrasive particles per square inch
Higher Number Grit finer grit / particles are smaller
Lower Number Grit larger particles / coarse grit
Industry Standard Shank Size for efiles 3/32"
Diamond Bits made from natural or synthetic diamond particles/come in various grits/can be safely used back and forth
Carbide Bits made of carbide metal/flute-like cuts/ shaves the enhancements does not sand or scratch away
Flutes long, slender cuts or grooves found on a carbide bit
Large / Deep Flutes coarser carbide bit
Small/Shallow Flutes finer carbide bit
Cross-Cut Carbide Bits & Pointed Flutes can be used to file in both directions in a back/forth motion
4 Types of Carbide Bits Traditional / One-Way / Cross-Cut / Pointed Flutes
One-Way Carbides are made for who ? Right Handed Manicurist
Small Barrel Bits vs Large Barrel Bits Circumference will vary not the length / used to shorten length and shape /top can be used to cut a new smile line/ never use near cuticles
Rings of Fire grooves carved into the nail by filing with the bits at the incorrect angle
Tapered Barrel Bits shorter, cone shaped bit designed with a flat top and is used to shape the top surface of the nail and to cut maintenance on small nails at a flat angle and at cuticle/sidewalls.


Question Answer
Fertile Easy to grow plants in
Vegetation Any sort of plant
Rock fragments Pieces of broken down rock
Parent rock Parent rock is the source of the smaller rock fragment
Bottom rock that has not been broken down
Soil A loose mixture of small mineral fragments, organic material, water, and air that can support the growth of vegetation.
Soil texture The soil quality that is based on the proportions of soil particles.
Soil structure The arrangement of soil particles
Residual soil Soil that remains above its parent rock is called residual soil.
Humus The dark organic material formed in soil from the decayed remains of plants and animals.
Leaching The removal of substances that can be dissolved from rock.
Soil texture Soil quality that is based on the proportions of soil particles.


Question Answer
Coronado Looked for 7 cities of gold
Coronado Explored the Southwestern part of the U.S. for Spain
La Salle Claimed the Mississippi River and all the rives that flowed into it for France
Cabot Explored the eastern part of North America for England.
Champlain Explored the St. Lawrence River and set up the settlement of Quebec
Columbus Was the first to sail west to find a route to Asia but he never found one
French and Spanish explorers Tried to convert the Native Americans to Christianity
French and English explorers Were looking for a Northwest Passage to Asia
Spanish explorers Enslaved the Native Americans and made them dig for gold
French explorers Became trading partners with the Natives and traded metal products for furs
Da Gama Was the first to reach Asia by sailing around Africa
Ghana, Mali, Songhai African empires that traded gold for salt.
A motivation of the explorers To make their country more powerful
An obstacle of the explorers Fear of the unknown
An accomplishment of the explorers Improved upon navigational instruments