6th Grade Unit 2 Vocab to Study

Term Definition
Adverse Preventing success or development (adj)
Arid Having little or no rain / lacking interest in something (adj)
Billow Large mass of something (noun) / fill with air (verb)
Contemporary Living at the same time (adj) / person living at the same time as another person (noun)
Depict Show or represent / describe (verb)
Disintrested Not interested by personal advantages (adj)
Incomprehensible Not able to be understood (adj)
Mimic To copy (verb)
Serene Calm, peaceful (adj) / expanse of clear sky or calm sea (noun)
Sheepish Showing embarrassment because of shame (adj)
Collaborate To work together (verb)
Collegial Involving shared responsibility (ad)
Connotation When a word sounds like it means something other than the literal definition (noun)
Context The parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning (noun)
Delineate Describe or portray (verb)
Denotation Primary meaning of the word (noun)
Elaborate To expand on (verb)
Genre Classification of something, commonly a book (noun)
Accentuate Make more noticeable (verb)
Adapt To get used to (verb)

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