8th Unit 3 Review 8th grade unit 3 test review

Question Answer
seismic having to do with vibration and waves in the earth's core
seismic having to do with the energy created by an earthquake
The slow movement of soil downhill is called _____. creep
The top of a fold in the bent rock in the crust is the definition of _____. anticline
the top part of the mantle just beneath the crust asthenosphere
often found in ranges, sometimes caused by volcanic activity mountains
flat land near oceans coastal plain
When a bend or fold is formed, the upper part of the fold is called a(n) _____. anticline
The term used to describe the removal of sand and soil by the wind. deflation
The peeling away or flaking of materials is the definition for the term _____. exfoliation
A crack in a rock is the definition for the term _____. joint
hot, molten rock beneath the earth's surface magma
Rapid movement downhill due to saturated ground landslide
When a till is dropped, a _____ is formed. moraine
high elevation, but is wide and generally flat plateau
The direct movement of materials by _____ is called mass movement. gravity
The continent that embodied all land on Earth describes _____. Pangea
the movement of one plate of the earth's crust under another subduction
remnant of a larger plateau mesa
the point on the earth's surface that is directly above the center of the seismic activity of an earthquake epicenter
The materials carried by moving water are called its _____. load
a pile of materials carried and then deposited by a glacier moraine
A _____ is an ocean wave generated when an earthquake occurs beneath the sea. tsunami
the line between the core and the mantle Mohorovicic discontinuity
outermost layer of the earth's mantle crust
not currently active dormant
means mound in French butte
a wearing away, as by wind or water erosion
The word _____ is defined as the balance between the earth's crust and the mantle beneath it. isostacy
combining of an element with oxygen oxidation
It is the weathering of rocks by extreme cold weather—freezing.It is the result of alternating freezing and thawing. Frost action

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