A Young Nation Ch2

Question Answer
The study of Earth and the way people live on it and use it. Geography
A large area of land with common features that set it apart from other areas. Regions
A natural part of the Eartha??s surface. Landform
Landform in the West that makes up our longest mountain range? Rocky Mountains
An imaginary line in the Rockies. Continental Divide
A landform in the SouthWest That People from all over come to see? Grand Canyon
Landform located in the Middle West? Corn Belt
Landform located in the SouthEast? Mississippi River
What is the name geographers have to to the NorthEastern cities running south from Boston, Massachusetts to Washington, D.C.? Boswash
What is a group of cities that have grown so close together they seem to form one city? Megalopolis
What word means a??depending on each other to meet needs and wantsa??? Interdependent
The weather an area has over a number of years, including its general temperature is? Climate
How hot or cold it is? Temperature
The moisture that falls to Earth as rain or snow is called Precipitation
Means dry Arid
Means wet Humid
Lines that run east and west? Latitude
Lines that run north and south? Longitude
Another name for latitude is? Parallels
Another name for longitude is? Meridians
This symbol A? stand for what? Degree
Meridians measure distance east and west of a line called? Prime Meridian
A set of crisscrossing lines is called what? Grid
Materials found in nature that people use to meet their needs and wants are? Natural Resources
Resources such as the coal, oil, and natural gas that cannot be replaced are called? Nonrenewable resources
Resources such as forests that can be replaced are called? Renewable Resources
A substance found in the earth that is neither a plant nor an animal is called? Mineral
What is the most widely used mineral resource? Fossil Fuels
Minerals found in the west? Zinc and Lead
Forests or Plants found in the West? Cedar and Birch
Fish or wildlife found in the West? Salmon, Tuna, and Deer
Fossil Fuels found in the West? Oil
Minerals found in the Southwest? Iron and Copper
Minerals found in the Middle West? Iron and Copper
Minerals found in the Southeast? Iron
Minerals found in the Northeast? Granite and Copper
Forests and plants found in the Southwest? Oak and Cacti
Forests and plants found in the Middle West? Maple and Sunflowers
Forests and plants found in the Southeast? Pine and Mangrove
Forests and plants found in the Northeast? Fir and Maple
Fish and wildlife found in the Southwest? Shrimp, Deer, and Rabbit
Fish and wildlife found in the Middle West? Bass and Deer
Fish and wildlife found in the Southeast? Shrimp and Bears
Fish and wildlife found in the Northeast? Lobster, scallops, and Deer
Fossil Fuels found in the Southwest? Natural Gas and Oil
Fossil Fuels found in the Middle West? Oil and Coal
Fossil Fuels found in the Southeast? Coal and Natural Gas
Fossil Fuels found in the Northeast? Coal
Eartha??s ______is made up of all the surrounding in which people, plants, and animals live. Environment
A countrya??s _______ is the way its people use natural resources, money, and knowledge to produce goods and services. Economy
_______ makes our air, soil, and water dirty. Pollution
Harmful chemicals mix with moisture in the air, the polluted rain that falls is called? Acid rain
Working to preserve and protect our environment and its natural resources is called? Conservation
The United States can be divided into _______, or Lange areas with common features.

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