biology test 3 chapter 30

Question Answer
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the gametophyte stage of the flowering plant? Diploid
Which one of the following is true of the sporophyte stage of a flowering plant? It is the obvious stage, for example an oak tree.
A flower could best be described as which of the following? Modified leaves
Which of the following is NOT part of the male reproductive parts of a flower? Ovule
Male gametophytes are produced by which of the following processes? Mitosis
The pistil of a flower is best described as: a single carpel or group of fused carpels
Double fertilization is important to the reproductive process because it produces: both the zygote and the endosperm.
Which of the following events must occur before fertilization can happen? Pollination
Capsaicin is a compound in chili peppers that produces a burning sensation in mammalian tissues. In mammals, capsaicin binds to the TRPV1 transmembrane channel. Interestingly, the TRPV1 channel in birds does not respond to capsaicin. What implications Birds are likely responsible for the dispersal of chili pepper seeds.
A basic difference between self-pollination and cross-pollination is: where the pollen came from.
The following sequence represents events in the development of a fruit: pollination, fertilization, embryo, ovary matures.
How would you expect a mutation that prevents the production of small RNA molecules to affect the flowering of plants such as winter wheat, which normally flower in the spring after cold exposure? Flowers not appear or will appear late.
The correct arrangement of flower parts from the outside to the inside is: sepals, petals, stamens, carpels.
As described in your book, many commercial flowers have extra whorls of flowers, based on a mutation that causes stamens to develop as extra petals. How do you predict these commercial flowers reproduce among themselves? Somatic embryogenesis
Flowers that have all four floral parts are said to be: complete
A flower that lacks any one of its floral parts might be called: incomplete.
Imperfect conditions in flowers refer to which of the following? Whether sexual parts are missing
One application of modified flower parts has been the development of cultivated flowers from wild ones such as with: roses. e
Which one of the following is not a variation of flowers frequently considered in investigations of flowers and their functions? Preferred soil conditions
The process involving microspore division and a tough wall to protect the gametophyte leads to the production of what end product? Pollen
Arabidopsis plants with a mutation in the flp1 gene produce pollen grains that have a smooth surface and are easily damaged. Disruption of what process likely causes this phenotype? Sporopollenin deposition
Female gametophytes develop specifically within what part of the flower? Ovule
One important aspect of self-incompatibility is to prevent: expression of deleterious homozygous recessive genes.
Pollen germination refers to the process of: development of the pollen tube.
In the Arabidopsis cdka;1 mutant the central cell of the female gametophyte is not fertilized. What structure will not form in these mutant plants? Endosperm
The primary role of the two sperm in the pollen is to: ensure that there will be fertilization of the egg and the central cell.
Endosperm tissue arises by the fusion of a sperm nucleus with two nuclei of the: female gametophyte central cell.
. In eudicots the endosperm is usually stored in which of the following seed parts? Cotyledons
Plants with mutant ABA receptors are likely to have problems with: seed dormancy.
Many seedless fruits are produced as genetically identical clones by asexual reproduction. Although advantageous in some ways, such genetically identical crops are more susceptible to _______ that could wipe out the entire crop. disease
You are working with a scientist to classify new plants. You find a new plant that has flowers. You can conclude what about its reproduction? We do not have sufficient information about this plant to indicate how it reproduces.
. Liang and Mahadevan concluded that flowers bloom as a result of: greater growth on petal edges than in the petal center.
The main difference between the life cycle of mosses versus flowering plants is: in moss the dominant life cycle stage is the gametophyte, whereas in flowering plants the dominant life cycle stage is the sporophyte.
Seeds for desert plants often germinate once abscisic acid is washed away from the seed by water. In this scenario, abscisic acid is acting as a/an: germination-inhibiting compound.
After papaya seeds germinate, the hypocotyl elongates and forms a hook. This hook straightens and pulls the cotyledon and the shoot tip of the seedling into the air. This method of embryonic shoot emergence is most similar to shoot emergence in which pl Garden bean
Mosses and flowering plants differ in their dominant life cycle stages. Coleochaete is a multicellular algae that is considered to be the closest living relative of land plants. Coleochaete spend their entire life as a haploid organism. In what major wa They have a more prominent sporophyte generation.
In grass seeds, the ________ secretes digestive enzymes into the central endosperm to release sugars from stored starch. aleurone.
In _______ the cotyledon remains underground as a seedling grows. peas

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