Cambridge Latin Stage 3 questions

Question Answer
Write the accusative of 'ancilla'. ancillam
What declension is 'taberna'. First declension
Write the accusative of 'servus'. servum
What declension is 'amicus'. Second declension
What ending is used for third declension words? -em
What is another way to describe the nominative case? subject
What is another way to describe the accusative case? Direct object
amicus (servus, servum) laudat. servum
(poeta, poetam) versum recitat. poeta
senex (taberna, tabernam) intrat. tabernam
(dominus, dominum) cibum gustat. dominus
servus ad hortum (recitat, venit) . venit
Clemens cibum ad Caecilium (salit, respondet, portat) portat
coquus ad culinam (revenit, habet) revenit

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