Chapter 3 vocab

Question Answer
Exhortation To address or communicate with passion to someone. I urge Tommy to leave early in the morning to make it to school on time.
Metabolism A chemical process that occurs in a living organism to maintain life. I eat smaller meals on a more frequent basis so that my metabolism can break down the food better.
Cunningly To be clever in a way. I was talking to the police man in a cunningly way.
Intervention An action or a process of getting in the way. Plants can grow naturally without any human intervention.
Strides to walk long and to take big steps. I was striding towards my car.
Contention heated disagreement. I was in very bad argument about politics with my coworker.
Revolution To rise about something. The Russian revolution was long and intents.
Serendipitous Occurring or discovered by chance in a happy way. I found my car keys under my pillow at the last possible minute i had to leave the house.
Excess To much of something. On thanksgiving we eat to Excess.
Advocacy Public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy. I was a big advocate for trump.
Proponent A person who advocates a theory,proposal, or project. I was a major proponent in my classroom board meeting.
Accord To give or grant someone something. I gave my honda Accord to my little brother a few years ago.
Preposterous Utterly absurd or ridiculous. The amount of chickens at the farm was very preposterous.
Endowed given income or a property. My boss gives me a lot of money.
Edible Something you can eat. I didn't know that my pants were edible.
Destitute Without the basic necessities of life. No mans land was totally Destitute.
Marginalized To treat something as lesser. The big banks treated its customers poorly back in the day.
Tenacious To keep something close by clinging on. My mother was very tenacious about her fine china.
Palates A persons appreciation of taste or flavor. I was taste testing the wine this evening and it was very good.
Audacity The willingness to take bold risk. Rude or disrespectful. I cannot believe that someone took my parking spot.

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