Current Events

Term Definition
poignarde to stab
inconnu unknown
relie provided, relied
interpellation interegation
crie cried, shouted
bracconage pouching
toundrique tundra
menaces in danger
disparition extinction
baleine whale
estranger foreign
reine king
succede succeed
serment promise
quatrieme fourth
la barriere the barrier
a marque score
a debut start
blesses faire mal
reprendra restart
fete festival
bienvenue welcome
experience experience
impliques involved
marche lunaire moon walk
battu (battre) to beat/to win
la coupe du monde de foot world cup
rassemble gathered, assembled
telespectaeurs tv spectator
nouvelle-heurese good news
une tendance virale viral trend
harcelement sexual sexual harassment
mondialement entire world/world wide
denoncer denounce
lieu de travail work place
batiments complexes condos
l'agence immobiliere locale local real estate agency
les locataires tenants
le proprietaire owner
louent rent
la bulgarie bulgaira
mondial world wide football match
p'ores et beja already
compostant a ticket
russe russian
suffira suffice
autant 1st place
mondiaux world wide
brille brilliant
or gold
remporte win
"a cru" croire to believe
le mediateur the mediator
la laicite secularity
l'egalite filles-garcon equality between boys/girls
au lieu de instead of
accueillante welcoming
arraches torn
temoignage testimony
enregistrement recording
l'ouragan storm, hurricane
portees disparues missing
inondee flooded
detruite destroy
une vitesse speed
seisme earthquake
terre ground/earth
degats damage
plaques tectoniques tectonic plates
l'epicentre epicenter
sonde space ship
carburant gas for motor
composition structure
atmosphere atmosphere
paraphe signiture
lois laws
ampleur extent
profondeur depth
marche du travail labor market
dizaines about 10
petrolier petroleum engineer
affrontement battle
kurde inhabitants in turkey, iraq, syria
le parlement irakien iraq gov't
pauvre poor
tue to kill
couteau knife
l'assaillent murderer, assailant
consommateur clients/consumers
la gare station
enquete investigation
attaque terroriste terrorist attack
assassines murdered
poignarde a mort stabbed to death
surnomme nicknamed
pese weighs
naissance birth
surveau survived
surveille monitored
secouer to redo
des grille barrier
effendreinent collapsed
ourson `
entre space between
denage to give off
enduit to cover
offensant hurt your feelings
reprocussion reprocussion
traumatiser tramatised
souligne emphasize
paisiblement calm, peaceful

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