CWLRB Chapter 7 Final test

Question Answer
What war was really the beginning of the distrust between the Colonist and the British? French and Indian War
Why were the colonist mad after the French and Indian war? They were not allowed to settle in the are they had fought for.
Britain needed money to pay for the French and Indian War
Name 4 acts that the British created to get money from the colonists. Sugar, Stamp, Tea, and Townshend Acts
A group of colonists who opposed British rule and created a ton of problems for the British within the colonies Sons of Liberty.
Was set up to allow colonies to communicate with each other Committee of Correspondence
The British wanted to march to Concord to take colonists's ammunition
Men who rode out into the night to warn the militias that the British were coming Paul Revere, Wiliam Dawes, and Samuel Prescott
Shot heard around the world was here Lexington
The colonist created a colonial army led by this commander George Washington
Last chance for peace between the colonists and British offered by the colonist was called Olive Branch Petition

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