Dia De Los Muertos The day of the dead test

Question Answer
The day of the dead origins ______ years ago 4000
origins in ______ Mesoamerican civilization
What Mesoamerican civilizations did it origin in? Olmecs, Maya, Aztecs
When people died, they didn't _________________ cease to exist
When people die their soul _____________________. carries on to the afterworld.
Cyclical nature of life and death meant ______________________. a celebration of death, rather than a fear of death.
Mictecacihuatl Queen of the Underworld or Lady of the Dead… Aztec Goddess
Festival used to last __________________. One whole month
Celebrate the dead rather than _____________. mourn them
Result of Spanish conquerors trying to make Aztecs adopt Catholic beliefs Blended beliefs, day of the dead corresponded with Catholic holidays
What Catholic holiday and Spanish holiday correspond? All Saint's Day and all soul's day
When did Spanish conquerors come and try to make Aztecs adopt Catholic beliefs? 1521
Native folk customs and traditions _____. remain
Catrina Lady of the Dead
Catrina serves as a remind that death ____________________. is a fate that even the rich cannot avoid.
What decorative objects are used to celebrate? Altars, marigolds, and candles
What are the decorated skulls called? calaveras
Day of the Dead is on ____________ November 1 & 2
Celebration of _______ who have died ancestors
Create _____ in homes and at burial sites altars
Only celebrated in ____ Mexico
Combination of ________ and _____ beliefs Native Catholic
What are also used to celebrate? candy skulls

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