Question Answer
Government ONLY King and Queen or Emperor Monarchy
Government Found in the US Republic
Economic System Trade and Barter Traditional
Government Pass Down from Family Monarchy, Constitutional MONARCHY
Government All about God Theocracy
Economic System in the US Mixed
Government All Citizens Vote on Every Issue Democracy
Government Can't Speak Out Against The Government Communism, Dictatorship, Monarchy
Government Elect Representatives to make Decisions for You Republic
Government Only One or a Single Political Party Communism
Government Constitution and King Constitutional Monarchy
Government Elected by Force Dictatorship
Government Controls all Aspects of Daily Life Communism
Government Few People Control Oligarchy
Government Few People with Money Control (Elite) Oligarchy
Economic System People and Government Make Decisions Mixed
Economic System No Restrictions by Government Market
Economic System Individuals Make the Decisions on What to Produce and How to Produce Market
Economic System Government Controls All Decisions Command
Economic System Usually with a Communist or Dictatorship Government Command
Economic System Usually the Citizens of the Country are Mainly Farmers Traditional
Economic System Country has a VERY VERY Low GDP Traditional
Government Lots of Political Parties Democracy, Republic, Constitutional Monarchy
Government State Religion Theocracy
Government Royal Family Rules All Branches Monarchy
Economic System All Business Privately Owned Market
Economic System Military Might Make Decisions Command
Economic System High Poverty Level (Basic Needs Not Meet) Traditional or Command
Economic System No Government Intervene Market
Economic System Buyers and Sellers Make All Decision Market
Economic System Usually has High GDP Mixed and Market
Government Lower Officials Elected but Top Officials Not Elected Communism
Government Gained By POWER Dictatorship
Government Personal Connection with God Theocracy
Government Constitution to Protect Citizens Democracy/Republic/ Constitutional Monarchy
Government Wealth Divided Evenly Among Citizens Communism
Government Violates Human Rights Dictatorship
Government Rules Followed of Religion Theocracy
Government with VOTING (Role of Citizen) Democracy, Republic, Constitutional Monarchy, Communism (lower officials),
Government Protect Citizen Rights Democracy, Republic, Constitutional Monarchy
Government King and Queen and a Head of the State (like Prime Minster) Constitutional Monarchy
Government Free and Fair Elections Democracy, Republic, Constitutional Monarchy
Government Citizen Make All Decisions (Every Candidate and Laws) Democracy
Government Supreme Power is in the Hands of Citizens Democracy
Government Upper Officials No ELECTIONS (Picked by Middle Group) Communism

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