Question Answer
Molt Shed or cast off, esp. to regularly shed skin, feathers, etc. (as a snake)
Winnow Sift, analyze critically, separate the useful part from the worthless part
Inure Toughen up; accustom or habituate to pain, hardship, etc.
Insensible Incapable of feeling; unconscious, unaware
Precipitate Cause to happen suddenly or prematurely; fling, plunge, or hurl down
Toady Someone who flatters or acts in a servile manner for self-serving reasons
Slake Satisfy (esp. thirst), cool, or refresh; make less active
Jettison Discard, cast off; throw items overboard in order to lighten a ship in an emergency
Rue Regret, remorse (noun); to feel regret or remorse (verb)
Cosset Treat as a pet, pamper
Obdurate Stubborn, hardhearted, hardened in wrongdoing
Panache Flair, style, swagger; a flamboyant or grand way of acting
Sybarite Person devoted to pleasure and luxury
treacherous Betraying trust, not faithful or trustworthy; not dependable; dangerous or deceptive
Stentorian Very loud and powerful (generally of a human voice)
Penury Extreme poverty or scarcity
Knell The sound made by a bell for a funeral, or any sad sound or signal of a failure, death, ending, etc. (noun); to make such a sound (verb)
coffer Chest for storing valuables; financial resources, a treasury
Reprobate Disreputable, unprincipled, or damned person (noun); shameless, depraved (adj)
Dirge (A funeral or mourning song or poem),
Requiem (musical service or hymn for the dead),
Parry Deflect or avoid (esp. a blow or attack); skillfully evade (a question)
Threnody (poem or song of mourning),
Dither Act indecisively (verb); a state of fear or trembling excitement
Droll Funny in an odd way
Intransigent Refusing to compromise, inflexible, having extreme attitudes
Effrontery Shameless boldness
Magniloquent Relating to lofty speech, esp. to the point of being pompous, overblown, bombastic
Declamatory vehement or impassioned in expression.
Expurgate Censor; remove objectionable or offensive parts
pulchritude Physical beauty
Militate Have a great effect, weigh heavily
Yoke A burden or something that oppresses;
Pathogenic Capable of producing disease
Doctrinaire Person who applies doctrine in an impractical or rigid and close-minded way (noun); merely theoretical, impractical, or fanatical about other people accepting one’s ideas (adj)
puerile Juvenile, immature
Sobriquet A nickname
Curmudgeon Bad-tempered, difficult person; grouch. NOTHING TO DO WITH AGE.
Epicure Person with cultivated, refined tastes, esp. in food and wine
Pare Peel or cut off the outer layer (such as peeling fruit with a knife), reduce or trim as if cutting off the outer parts
Politic Shrewd, pragmatic; tactful or diplomatic
Effigy Representation or image of a person, esp. a crude facsimile used to mock a hated person
deign do something that one considers to be beneath one's dignity.
dilatory slow to act, intended to cause delay.
recondite difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge

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