Heros journey Eng. 4

Question Answer
An archetype is a universal symbol which means what? A symbol image motif or pattern that recurs across different cultures and literatures and which tends to have a common meaning
What is the separation from the known? The call the refusal of the call the threshold with guardians helpers and mentors
What is the initiation and transformation? The challenges or the abyss also known as the belly of the whale the revelation or the atonement which means the hero must change during the course of his journey
What is the return to the known world? The return with a gift or a boon
What is the unusual birth? Often in danger or born into royalty and an example is simba from the lion king being born into a prince
What is the call to adventure? Is when a herald or announcer appears and is often but not always someone dark terrifying and or unique and is sometimes a beast and typically happens someplace remote even into a profound dream state
What is the refusal of the call? Most true heroes at first refuse the adventure but if the accepts the call he will experience unimaginable ordeals but if he survives will receive a great gift but if he refuses the world as he knows it will be destroyed
What does it mean for the hero to cross the threshold? It means that the heros journey begins in the ordinary world and the threshold is a door or opening
What are helpers and guides? Often the hero will have a guide or an older and wiser person to give them advice on their journey and mentor may be a teacher spirit god shaman wizard or just somebody who has valuable knowledge or experience
What is an example of the supernatural help the hero gets? In the lion king when simba sees mufasa in the sky and has rafiki help him
What is a special weapon? A special weapon is something only the hero can wield like luke and his lightsabor
What is the belly of the whale? The belly of the whale is a metaphor for entering the new world where the challenges will happen the belly is the adventure where the rules are different and the hero will be reborn again and undergo a metamorphosis and his old character will become new
What does it mean when the hero proves himself? Hero performs feats while on their quest and an example is when simba in the lion king contemplates his life and defeats scar
What is the dark moment of truth that is in the innermost cave? This is the most critical moment in the heros journey in which there is often a final battle with a monster wizard or warrior which facilitates the particular resolution of the adventure
What is the talisman? Just when things are at their worst the hero gets help from a supernatural gift known as the talisman and it produces magical effects that saves the hero and it can be a person or thing
What does seizing the sword mean? The hero finds the treasure or boon in the innermost cave and the hero will probably have to pass through another major threshold in order to find the treasure
What is the atonement or transformation? The hero must change during the course of their journey and the change is usually gradual and is a natural occurrence given all he goes through sometimes it is very dramatic and the hero transforms physically or will die and be reborn
What is the reemergence and rebirth? The hero again crosses the threshold of adventure and returns to the everyday world of daylight
What is the apotheosis? It is the divine rank or stature deification which means the hero is rewarded at the end of his life and he has a better understanding of the world and has a feeling of fulfillment and peace

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