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what kind of speaking people were the arabs and where did they live semitic-speaking people; Arabian peninsula (desert with many rivers and lakes)
were the arabs permanently settled or where they nomadic? Why? nomads, because of their hostile surroundings
what did the nomadic life revolve around moved around constantly in area to find food and water for animals
when tribes were created in arabian culture what was the leader called and how were they chosen? Why did they organize into tribes? sheikh; chosen of the leading families by a council of elders; because survival was not easy and they needed to help one another to survive
each tribe was independent, describe their connection within one tribe loosley connected to each other as in the members of the tribe like they knew who was in their tribe but they didn't live in a tight pact
were most early arabs mono or polytheistic? polytheistic
what was the name of the person who the arabs recognize as their supreme god; what does this name mean? at the time was this the only god they worshiped allah; translated form arabic to english meaning god; at the time no, they also worshipped tribe gods as well
what was allah symbolized that each tribe had its own sacred stone; each tribe had their own stone
what is inside the kaaba; what city is the kaaba located in? black meteorite called the Black Stone; Mecca
where was muhammad born and what kind of family was he born into? what happened to him at age 5? mecca; merchant family; they orphaned him at 5
what did muhammad grow up to become and who did he marry? caravan manager; a rich widow named Khadija
over time what came to trouble muhammad? what did he do because it was bothering him? the growing gap between the generosity of most mecccans and the greediness of the wealthy elite; began visting hills to meditate
during one of muhammad's visits to the hills, muslims believe he recieved what here? revelations from god
who were the messages believed to by given by? what was muhammad told to do with what he heard? angel gabriel; write it down
who did muhammad believe allah had already revealed himself to previously moses and Jesus, this through the jewish and christian religions
what did muhammad believe about what he recceieved believed it to be the final revelation of Allah that were being given to him
what did the final revelations create the quran the holy book of islam
what does the word islam mean? what does the quran contain? what are the practicers of Islam called? "peace through submission to the will of allah"; ethnical guidelines and laws by which the followers of allah are to live; muslims
is islam mono or polyhtiestic; what is muhammads connection to allah monotheistic having one god Allah; is god's propeht
after returning home and reflecting on his experience, what did his wife khadija urge him to do? she was the first to what? muhammad set out to convince poeple of mecca the truth of revelations so how did that work out for him to follow gabriel's message; first to convert to islam; after 3 years of preaching he only had 30 followers
what year marked year 1 of the islamic calender in which is still used today? in this year muhammad and supporters left mecca and moved where? 622; moved north to medina
name for muhammad's journey to medina. where did muhmmad begin to win support from people hijrah; medina
arabs in desert are known as this bedouin
"submission to the will of allah" meant submission to who? his prophet muhammad
bc "submission to the will of allah" means submission to muhammad what two types of leader did muhmmad become both religious and political leader (caliph)
how was having political and military skills beneficial to muhammad enabled him to put together a reliable military force to defend himself and his followers
what happened to the city of mecca in 630? what was the result on these people muhammad returned to mecca with 10,000 men so they surrendered to him; converted to islam
what did muhammad declare a sacred shrine of islam? two years after his return to mecca just as islam was spreading, what happened to muhammad kaaba; he died
believed to be an all powerful being who crated the universe and everything in it allah
islam emphasizes on what two things; those who want to acheive life after death must subject themselves to the what salvation and offers hope for afterlife; the will of allah
name the 5 pillars and desribe each belief (on and only god is allah and his messanger is muhammad); prayer (pray 5 times a day towards mecca); chraity (give part of their wealth to the poor; also known as alms or almsgiving); fasting (fast in ramadan); pilgramige (go to mecca once)
law code developed by scholars after muhammad's death which provides believers with a set of pratical codes to regulate their daily lives the shari'ah
what is the shari'ah based on? what does it apply to? on scholars interpretations of the quran and the example set by muhammad in his life; to the teachings of the teachings of daily life
what kind of things does the shari'ah regulate aspects of muslim life such as family life, buisness practice, governemnt and moral conduct
believers are expected to follow sound principals of what? what else must they practice in addition to the five pillars? behavior; honesty and justice in dealing with others
whar are muslims forbidden to do gamble, eat pork, drink beverages, or engage in dishonest behavior
what is family life based on for islamic people marriage

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