Landforms Vocabulary

Term Definition
Constructive Processes Processes that create landforms.
Destructive Processes Processes that destroy landforms.
Weathering The process that breaks down rocks at or near the surface of the Earth.
Erosion Movement of sediments and soil by wind, water, ice, and gravity.
Watershed All of the land that water flows over or through before reaching a lake or river.
Deposition The dropping, or depositing, of sediments by water, wind, or ice.
Landslides Mass movements of land due to gravity.
Volcanoes Mountains with openings in Earth's crust through which magma, gases, and ash reach Earth's surface. When they erupt they change the surface of the Earth.
Earthquakes Vibrations on Earth's surface cause by sudden movement in Earth, often along a fault.
Floods They occur when a large amount of water covers land that is usually dry.
Natural Resources The materials that people can take or use from the Earth.
Pollution Anything that harms the natural enviornment.
Conservation The wise use of resources.

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