Level A Unit 4 Part B

Term Definition
ovation an enthusiastic public welcome, an outburst of applause
petty unimportant, trivial; narrow-minded; secondary in rank, minort
plight a sorry condition or state; to pledge, promise solemnly
repent to feel sorry for what one has done or has failed to do
reverie daydream; the condition of being lost in thought
revocation an act or instance of calling back, an annulment, cancellation
scan to examine closely; to look over quickly but thoroughly; to analyze the rhythm of a poem; an examination
strand a beach or shore; a string of wire, hair, etc; to drive or run aground; to leave in a hopeless position
strife bitter disagreement; fighting, struggle
topple to fall forward; to overturn, bring about the downfall of
petty trivial, unimportant, narrow-minded

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