LOTF chap.1-6

Question Answer
how does piggy talk about his aunt in the past
does piggy have a different ascent than the other boys yes
how is piggy described as an outcast
what do piggy glasses represent logic
what does the fruit do makes them sick
what is a ralph character his character can relate to everyman
what does the tide do takes things
what does ralph symbolize civilization and everyman
what does it mean when the boys take off their clothes breaks down soiety norms
what does iggy symbolize adult voice of reason
when piggy tells the name people make fun of him to ralph, what is piggy doing trusting ralph
ink is an arcetype for what innocence
describe the platform represents rules/government. platform is where the 1st meeting is held
how does raplh talk about his father in preset tense
what is getting dressed embracing norms of soicety
describe the conch when it has the most color the boys follow the rules but as it color fades the boys follow the rules less
what do the black caps symblize evilness
how does jack lead the choir he controls them
what does the golden cap jack wear represent dictatorship
is jack ugly yes
what does jack red hair mean red archetype for anger and violence
what kind of characters are jack and raplh foiled characters
what does jack symbolize evilness and savagery
jack and piggy are what kind of charatcer foiled
rodger symbolizes what evilness and savagery
when it talks about butterflies or nature what does that mean the change the boys go through on the island
what does the boys do to the island they destroy it
scar where the plane crashed
jack suggest rules but what is ironic about that hes the one to break them
"saying its a good island"-foreshadows what the island will be ruined
does piggy have an connection with the conch yes
what does the beast symbolize symbloic of evilness bc it represents evilness in humanity. archetype for eviless
what does piggy protect the conch piggy protects the conch. the adult voice of reason will protect rules/order
what does the conch represent rule/order
do the boys at first know how tp start a fire no
what does surround mean uses surround when they are trying to catch a pig
what does simon symbolzie a christ figure.he sticks up for piggy/
what does piggy try to do the conch trying to make sure people follow the rules
is jack selfish yes
half cold= very cold. night comes out quick
what does teh small boy mulbery-faced represent 1.introudces snakes(beatie)and shows evilness in humanity 2.death-he will represent that isnt a certain on the island
is there adapting yes-meaning they have been on the island for a while
what do forming shelters represent forming a civilzation
what is jack all about gives teh reader that that the indication that jack is blood thristing. not soically acceptable
what does jack only care about killing pigs
does simon know what the beast really is yes
would jack rather kill a pig or be rescued kill a pig
jack has to think of what rescue is what does that mean removed from soical nrm
when jack describe being hunting when he is hunting what does that mean guilty conscience – his intent for hunting isnt good
is the face paint symbolic yes
what does it mean ralph and jack argue and ralph loses civilization in mankind is weaken to evilness and savagery
describe litthuns and simon relationship litthuns go to simon bc they know he will help him. simon is taking care of the little kids. simon=christ like
what does simon and his special place mean simon goes to his place to go pray. when simon is talked about with nature it means that nature and him represent the abolute good and simon will not to corrupt on the island
littlun= lost of identity
bigguns= lost of identity
who has a hard time adjusting percival bc he cries a lot
smaller the kid the more you think they are innconcent
children are archetypal for innocence
what happens to maurice when throws sand at percival he knows he did something wrong. socail norm
what happens to johnny throws sand at percival means darkness in humanity. innocence og little ids is ebing questioned.
what happens with henry as he plays with the creature he becomes beyond absorb with himself bc he feels himself excersing being in control-lost of innocence
what happens when rodger throws stuff at henry feels like he can but he wont bc he may get in trouble. would be capable of worse things
samneric= lost of identity
facepaint= going to alow jack to become more evilo and savergy
mask is an archtype for hiding something
what does the mask liberate them from liberation from shame and self-consciousness
what does the firm mean norm of society
how is piggy look more older than the other boys his hair isnt growing -he acts like an old man
does ralph get piggy idea of a sundial no
sundial= logcal
what is ralph goal getting home
why does ralph stop before he gets to the fire he forgot piggy glasses
naked= breakdown of soical order
"kill the pig.cut her throat. spill her blood"= ritual and becoming tribal
when jack said he cut the pigs throat why does he say this uneasy hes not used to saying that
is jack bloodthrisiting yes
what happens when piggy glasses break limiting vision and insight
why does ralph refuse the meat bc this pig cost them a chance to be rescued
does simon like to draw attention no
what happens when rodger starts the pig story jack has to be the one to describe the story of how he caught the pig
why does ralph looked at the other boys in envious anjd resentful when they dance and chant he is jealous of them
what does it mean when they dance and sing symbolic of escalating evilness in the boys
why does ralph call an meeting he has to get control
what does dance and chanting become becomes rituals
themes in LOTF the need for soical ordr, power, vision, fear of the unknown, loss of identity, loss of innocence, religious imagery,theory of the natural goodness of humanity, mans capactiy for evil
symbols in LOTF head of pig, conch,beastie,fire,entrie novel(garden of eden allegory),hut,piggys glasses,darkness,face paint,the snake,raplh,jack,piggy,simon,the parachutiest
what does raplh try to do in teh beginning of chap 5 as he walks along the beach but what ends up happening tries to be like piggy bc piggy can think but he keeps losting his train o thought
maze+ralph maze is arctyple for confusion and ralph and confused
what does ralph begin to dislike clothes,hair, he is rejecting everthing on islanf=social norm
what does ralph relize the value of piggy
huts is symbolic of what civilization
why are people getting frightned and breaking up people starting to break up bc of the evilness in humanity
who is the only person that knows the tru meanoing of the beast simon
who is the thinker but doesnt know who the beat is piggy
what does simon know about the true beast evilness in humanity
why cant percvial remeber is address llost of identity
what will happen wen jack talks with out the conch foreshawoding a time w/o rules
what is ironic when piggy speaks w/o holding the conch he alsways the one enforcing the rule of the conch
if ralph blows the conch and they dont come back what does that mean ralph is losing control. breakdown of social order
three= archyple
is jack a jealous man yes
what does the parachuist represent a sign from the grown ups
what happens when samneric describe the beast their imginations run wild-it doesnt rlly happen
when ralph tells jack to sit down what does that mean standing up for civilation
what does simon think of samneric description of the beast doesnt add up
where does simon bleed when he runs into the true on his forehead just like christ-christ figure
what does ralph try to remind the boys of smoke-the most imortant thing to be rescued
what happens at the end of chapn 6 the boys all want to do differnt things which jis breakdown of socail ordr

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