MT CH 12

Question Answer
Balan/o Glans penis
Cyst/o Urinary bladder, sac
Epididym/o Epididymis
Glomerul/o Glomerulus
Lith/o Stone
Nephr/o Kidney
Orch/o Testes
Orchi/o Testes
Orchid/o Testes
Prostat/o Prostate gland
Pyel/o Renal pelvis
Ren/o Kidney
Semin/i Semen
Sperm/o Sperm
Spermat/o Sperm
Testicul/o Testes
Ur/o Urine
Ureter/o Urethra
Urin/o Urine
Vas/o Vas deferens
Vesicul/o Seminal vesicle
Albumin/o Albumin
Azot/o Nitrogen waste
Corpor/o Body
Crypt/o Hidden
Genit/o Genitals
Glycos/o Sugar, glucose
Noct/i Night
Olig/o Scanty
-genesis Produces, generates
-ia State
-iasis Abnormal condition
-ism State of
-pexy Surgical fixation
-plasia Formation of cells
-stenosis Narrowing
-tripsy Surgical crushing
-uria Urine condition
Extra Outside of
Intra Within
Trans Across

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