Noah – Eyer Social Studies – Vocab Two: 11-6-17

Term Definition
archaeology in Greek, "study of the beginnings"; the science that studies past cultures by analyzing their remains
Mesopotamia the fertile land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers considered to be the birthplace of civilization
Tigris & Euphrates Rivers Two rivers that flow into the Persian Gulf; their flood plains from Mesopotamia
Sumerians a people of Mesopotamia who built the world's first civilization
Assyrians An accomplished, war-like people who dominated Mesopotamia after the Sumerians
Babylonians a people who ruled Mesopotamia after the Assyrians; known for their architecture and laws
city-state a city and the surrounding area it ruled
lyre a stringed instrument in the harp family
lapis lazuli Opaque blue precious stones found on relics and jewelry excavated from archaeological digs in Mesopotamia
fertile containing the nutrients needed for growth
irrigation system for watering crops
ziggurat a tall temple with many levels built by the ancient people of Mesopotamia
lugal-gal meaning "big man" – a man who would lead his city-state into battle, eventually becoming king
cuneiform the writing systems of the Sumerians consisting of wedge-shaped symbols impressed in clay tablets
stylus a cuneiform writing instrument with a wedge-shaped point
scribe a person whose job was to copy written records by hand

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