Nutrition Exam 3

Question Answer
What fraction of the U.S. population is overweight? 2/3
When trying to obtain a desirable body weight, we have control of what? Diet, behavior, and physical activity
What promotes fat storage in adipocytes? Lipoprotein lipase activity
What is the major function of Lipoprotein Lipase? Removes triglycerides from the blood for storage in adipose and muscle cells.
Define hypertrophic obesity. Increase in fat cell size
What is lipotoxicity? A metabolic syndrome that results from the accumulation of lipid intermediates in non-adipose tissue.
Define hyper plastic obesity. Increase in fat cell number
Define set-point. The point above which a person tends to lose weight and below which they tend to gain weight.
What is Prader-Willi syndrome? Genetic disorder resulting in obesity.
Lepton primarily acts on the? Hypothalamus
What are the 3 components of fitness? Flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, and cardio respiratory endurance
What % of U.S. adults love a sedentary lifestyle? 13%
How many hours a week is recommended moderately, intensive level exercise to obtain physical activity? 3.5
What is not considered a strength fitness activity?
What is muscle atrophy? Loss of muscle and strength
What is muscle hypertrophy? Muscle that increases in size.
The effect of regular exercise on heart and lung function is called what? Cardio respiratory conditioning
Cardiorespiratory endurance episodes should be sustained for how long? 20 mins
What is the function of the amniotic sac? Is central to exchange nutrients and waste products with the fetus.
What organ functions to prepare the mothers breasts for lactation? Uterus
What connects the umbilical cord to the fetus? Belly button
What is a newly fertilized egg called? Zygote
During the development of a fetus, which organs grow first? Brain and CNS
The neural tube develops into the what? Brain and spinal cord
What is Spina Bifida? Incomplete closure of spinal cord and it's bony encasement.
What are the 2 most common forms of neural defects? Anacphaly and Spina Bifida
What organ is mostly affected by anacephaly? Brain
By what % does the folate RDA increase during pregnancy? 50%
What is fetal programming? Mothers nutrition may change gene expression in fetus affecting the child's development of diseases later in life.
What organ of the infant uses more than half the days energy intake? Brain
Breastfeeding to full term is how recommended? Strongly.
What is the check reason that breastfed babies need to eat more than formula fed babies? Brest milk digests faster.
What is the chief protein in human breast milk? Alpha-lactalbumin
What is the fastest growing age in U.S.? 85 years old
What is longevity defined as? Long duration of life.
What is the most important predictor of a persons mobility in later years? Regular activity
What is Reduced Oxidative Stress? Mechanism for energy restriction and improved longevity in animals.
What is Sarcopenia? Loss of muscle mass and strength.
What is dysphagia? Difficulty swallowing
A person who is endentulous has what? No teeth.

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