Science quiz for sec something chapter 3

Question Answer
What is an algal bloom? The rapid growth of a population of algae.
When do algal blooms typically occur? When the water is rich in nutrients.
What do we call an algal bloom in salt water? Red Tides
Why do we call these red tides? They have red pigments that change the water color.
Are red tides always red? Explain. No, They can be brown,green, or colorless.
When do red tides occur? When the water is rich in nutrients.
When do red tides become dangerous? We can breathe in the bad air and we can consume an animal has eaten it.
Under what conditions are red tides most likely to occur? When the water is rich in nutrients.
What function does the red pigment provide the algae in red tides? It absorbs the sun so that it can make its food.
When does the eutrophication occur? When the water is rich in nutrients.
What human sources increase eutrophication? When we spray fertilizer and it washes into a nearby body of water.
How are saltwater and freshwater blooms similar? They both form when the water is rich in nutrients.
Why do pond organisms die with eutrophication? The bacteria suck up all the air in the water so the organisms die. They also block all the sunlight so the plants die before the fish.
Would it be easier to control saltwater or freshwater blooms? Explain. Freshwater, because it is smaller.
What might cause an algal bloom to occur in an ocean or a lake? In both of them the water would be rich in nutrients.
How would the algal bloom affect organisms living in an ocean or a lake? The algal blooms would block the sun and then suck up the air.
List the series of events of eutrophication. Fertilizers and other bad products run into a body of water, The nutrients affects the water and the algae grows more and more until it becomes dangerous.

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