social studies

Question Answer
better methods of shipbulding were one reason more trade took place in the east true
many eurpeons became rich because of what they were doing traded exotic goods such as silk and spices from Asia
europeans sent explores to discover faster trade routes to the east true
marco polo set sail because of what wanted to find new exotic goods to trade in far off lands
inspired europeanes to trade with Asia and encoured explores to set sail across the sea the travels of marco polo
bartholomeu disa was the first eurpeon to sail around the southren tip of afracia
trading with aisa made many eurpoeon wealthy because aisa was rich with exocitc spices and other goods
zheng he voyaged are honared and respected in china today because all of the above they showed the power of the chinees
chrisophere coumbous set sailed in the early 1490 because he wanted to find what he wanted to find out trade routes that went to indaia

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