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In Europe the French and Indian war was The seven-year war
Why did some tribe side with the British another side with the French One to choose with country and me wait out of like British was forming French whisper trapping take sides with the most powerful powerful
Indian tribes of the 1700s known as the air-quality five Cherokee, slaw, Miami,
What was the hatchet called Tomahawk
Type of missile named after a weapon during the French and Indian war The tomahawk missile
Where is this is just plain for 13 colonies to unite against Indians and he was a man Ben Franklin
Name for plan of unity by Franklin The Albanene plan
Why called Albany Delegates to carry in Albanene
The state where are the new plan is located state where Avenue plan is located New York
Name of the six name of the six areas into which candidate is divided Providence
Name of the fort near Champlain Ft. Fortarah
Name of the landform that the canons were on Bluff
Land owed by France home of people call Acadians Acadia
Today Acadia is providence of camp Canada Novia school
Church and village of the Acadians Grand Prix
They were forced to leave their homeland extile Acadians Acadians
The extile of the Acadians To leave their homeland
Force of people to another country. Proportion
Area settled by Acadians after the after reported from now we have Scotia South Louisiana
The book written by James family cooper settling Landia The last of the movie the Mohicans
Why is there stairs is outside of Acadiana Taxes
Cajun college closet Armoire
Used by Cajuns in shallow bayous of Louisiana Pierot
She discovers her friend married another Evangeline
Largest oak tree in louisana Evangeline oak
Capture of these forts by British ended french and Indian war Quebec and Montreal
Treaty Treaty of Paris 1763
Documents that prove it that proves it for bids settlement west of the appellation Proclamation of 1763

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