SS Unit 2 Vocab 7th colonization

Term Definition
Colonization The claiming and settlement of foreign territories for the purpose of gaining resources for the mother country
Colony A territory that is under the political control of another country
Conquistador A Spanish conqueror in the Americas
Encomienda A system in which the Spanish king gave Spanish settlers the right to the labor of the Native Americans who lived in a particular area
Exploitation The action of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work and making use of and benefiting from natural resources
Globalization The development of an increasingly integrated global economy through trade, finances, and communication
Indigenous An original or native area where a person lives; the native populations of a country are called indigenous people
Missionary A person who is sent to a foreign country to do religious work like convince people to join a religion or to help people that are sick, poor, etc.
Natural Resources Items that come from nature; they are not man made
Zheng He a Chinese explorer with technology far beyond that of European explorers
Dutch East IndiaCompany A company from the Netherlands that was primarily interested in trading with India for spices, indigo andother natural resources
Transatlantic SlaveTrade The Transatlantic Slave Trade brought thousands of native Africans to North America to work asindentured servants on large farms
Triangular TradeRoute A massive trading system between Europe, Africa and North America.
Middle Passage The middle part of the Transatlantic Slave Trade from Africa to the Americas.

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