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Explorer Definition
Marco Polo He sailed to Italy in 1275 for financial increase and to help his father and uncle fulfill tasks. Also to educate. He got famous because he reached further than any of his predecessors beyond Mongolia to China. He also wrote a book. he had success
Bartholomeu Dias He sailed for Portugal in 1488. He wanted to find a new route to Asia. He was the first European to round the southern tip of Africa and hr found the cape of good hope. Made a sea route from Europe to Asia.
Christopher Columbus He sailed for Spain and Portugal because he wanted to find new routes.
Vasco Da Gama He sailed for Portugal because he wanted Gold and Christianity. He also wanted to find a new route to India. That is actually the reason why he got famous.
Amerigo Vespucci Sailed for Italy. Financier. Navigator and Cartographer. He first demonstrated that Brazil and west indies did not represent Asia's outskirts.
John Cabot He sailed for Italy and wanted to find faster routes. He found land and claimed it for England and made important discoveries.
Vascoz Nunez de Balboa He sailed for Spain and he wanted to find gold and good fortune. He found fame by crossing the Ithumus of Panama to the Pacific Ocean
Juan Ponce de Leon He sailed for Spain and he wanted to find the fountain of youth and he explored the Bahamas. He sailed with Christopher Columbus and he became the governor of Puerto Rico
Ferdinand Magellan Traveled to Spain to find faster routes. Was the first to sail around the world.
Hernan Cortes. Sailed for Spain. Conquered the Aztecs and he wanted power
Francisco PIzzaro Sailed for Spain to seek fortune. He discovered the republic of Costa Rica. Conquered Peru. Founded Lima
Jacques Cartier Sailed for France to find the new world and fortune. He allowed France to claim land in Canada
Hernando De Soto Sailed for Spain He was the first European to find the Mississippi River.
Francisco Coronado He sailed for Spain. He wanted to find the seven cities of gold. HE married into royalty and he found the Grand canyon and the Colorado Plateau
Sir Francis Drake He claimed California
Samuel Champlain He claimed land in America for certain religions. THe founder of Quebec
Henry HUdson River and bay named after him explored canada and present day northeastern. Founded amsterdam

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