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Marco Polo Italy traveled to china to help his father and uncle fulfil the task to bring chistan. adventure,riches his book
Bartholomeu Dias portugal to find the country of legendary and sailed the southern end of afica in hopes of finding asia, first European mariner to round the southern tip of Africa, opening the way for a sea route from Europe to Asia.
Christopher Columbus was to find spices and gold and bring them back. christopher journeys marked the beginng of centuries of transatlantic
Vasco Da Gama to fine a route around africa and get goods. finding a route from portugal around africa and india. he was the frist to go to africa and india
Amerigo Vespucci westerrn passage to the indies america was named after him
John Cabot to explore the new world and claim land established north america and first landed by england
Vasco Nunez de Balboa to reach asia and collect all the riches he became a governor and explore the piacific ocean
Juan Ponce de Leon to find india. looking for the montian fountain
Ferdinand Magellan find another route to spice ilslands circumnavigate the globe
Hernan Cortes sailed for new world and wanted to take over mexico. he took down the aztec empire
Francisco Pizarro to discovey land for spain. destorying the incan empire and leading for more explorations
Jacques Cartier find a new world for rich and a new route to asia. His exploration of the St. Lawrence River allowed France to lay claim to lands that would become Canada.
Hernando de Soto to gte gold and exlpore what is now u.s. mapped a big part of southern u.s including mississippi
Francisco Coronado to find 7 cities of gold,expand,make him and spain wealthier and grand canyon
Sir Francis Drake to find our if tierra del fuego was an island or a larger continent
Henry Hudson to find a northern path to orient and north west passages

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