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Question Answer
????? always
????? animal
???? ????? breakfast
????? city
???? coffe
??? day
??? / ???? drink
???? / ??? drive
???? eat
???? evening
?? every
???? go
???? have
???? ????? homework
?????? ice cream
??? ??? ?? ??? like
??? ?? ???? live
???? mail
????? movies
??? night
????? often
?? put
???? read
???? restaurant
???? store
???? subway
??? take
????? ???? taxi
???? train
???? usually
????? vanilla
??? walk
?????? watch
??? work
???? write

Paying Your Taxes

Term Definition
1040EZ The quick tax form most often used for those with uncomplicated tax situations.
1099INT Report on interest income sent from the bank to both the IRS and the taxpayer for savings account interest.
FICA The Federal Insurance Contributions Act, the name given to Social Security and Medicare taxes.
standard deduction The deduction allowed for those not claimed as a dependent on a parent’s taxes.
tax deduction A donation or expense that reduces the taxable income amount.
tax refund A check returning the taxpayer’s money to the taxpayer after returns are filed and the overpaid tax is determined.
W2 Report sent from the employer to both the IRS and the employee showing gross income, total taxes paid, and total voluntary deductions.
The Capital Gains tax a tax charged on the profits made on the sale of something that was purchased at a lower price.
Federal income tax The federal government charges income tax on all its residents. In this tax system, you are taxed on the money you earn while working.
Property taxes taxes an owner pays on the value of any owned property, including land, buildings, or houses.
Sales Tax This means when you pay for something, the sales tax is added to the total before you pay. is usually a percentage of the price of what you purchase.
State Income Tax Most states charge income tax on all its residents. In this tax system, you are taxed on the money you earn while working. charged in addition to federal taxes, though requirements for state income tax vary from state to state.

Stack #2608423

Term Definition
cater v. to satisfy the needs of try to make things easy and pleasant
entrepreneur n. a person that takes the risk of buisness
hazard n. risk
hazard v. to expose to danger
homicide n. one person kills another
indignant adj. filled with anger
lubricate v. to apply oil or greese
mutual adj. shared equally
plague n. a disease
plague v. to annoy
transparent adj. light passing through
unscathed adj. unharmed
available adj. ready for use
customary adj. usual
dissuade v. to persuade not to do something
firebrand n. a piece of burning wood
hinder v. to delay
indifference n. no interest
indespencable adj. absolutely necessary
pelt v. to throw a stream of something
poised adj. balanced
regime n. a government in power

trade in europe social studies

Question Answer
boycott refusal to purchase a good/service from a specific company or country
embargo a trade barrier which blocks all trade with another nation
quota a trade barrier which places a limit on imported goods
sanction the act of economically punishing another nation
tariff a trade barrier which places a tax on imported goods
trade barrier any activity which slows or outright blocks the free exchange of good and services
currency a nations money
currency exchange converting one nations money into an equivalent value/quantity of another
euro common currency of most European union member states;those E.U nations currently
exchange rate the approximate value of one nations currency in terms of another
economic continuum a 0-100 scale which ranks word economies from most command-learning
mixed economy term used to describe the market/command blending of all modern world
brexit 2016 referendum wherupon a majority of british citizens voted for the U.K
domestic term refers to the products of services originating in ones own country
eurozone European Union members nations who use euro as their common currency
GDP per capita the average annual income of a nations citizens
gross demestic product(GPD) the estimated total value of all the final goods and services produced in nations
subsidization money granted by the government to assist a business or industry
specialization focusing on a narrow range of products/services that can be produced most effciently
voluntary trade trade in which both partners freely agree and benefit from the exchange of goods/services

Week 8

Question Answer
Jeopardize Verba??to expose to danger or risk
Mnemonics Nouna??a technique of improving the memory
Mollify Verba??to soothe in temper or disposition
Perfunctory Adja??characterized by routine or superficiality
Perpetuated Verba??to cause to last indefinitely
Quintessential Adja??representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class
Arrogate Verba??to claim or seize without justification
Quotidian Adja??occurring every day
Sedulous Adja??involving or accomplished with careful perseverance
Shirk Verba??to go stealthily;To evade the performance of an obligation


Question Answer
i ?e¶?i ?e¶? e?¤ a??a?±a??a??a?«a??a??a??a?±a??a??a?«a??a??a??a?±a??a??a??a?§a??
e??i?˜e?¤ a??a??a??a?µa??a??a??a??a??a??a??
e??i?¬ i??e?¤ a??a??a?§a?? a??a?«a??a??a??
e­˜i??V.e?°e??i?? a?­a?°a??a??a??a?±a??a??a??a?±a??a??a??a??…a?«a??a?­a??a??a??a?±a??
i?˜i?? a??a?µa??a??a?§
e??e?¤ a??a??a??a??a?¶a??
i??i?? a??a?§a??a??a??a??a??a??a?­a??a??a??
i? e¶?i¦? a??a?±a??a??a??a??a?°a??a??a??a?±a?§
i??e??e?¤ a??a?­a??a??a?«a??a??a??a??a??
…..i?? a??a??a?˜a?µ…..
i??e?¤ a??a?·a??
e??i?© a??a??a?·a??a?­a??a??a?·a??a?­a??
i??e?° a??a??a??a??
i°?e°?i?˜e?¤ a??a??a??a??a??a??a?§a??
i??i?? a??a??a?­a??a??a??
i??e?¤ a??a??a?­a??a??a?«a??
i??e?¤ a?«a?±a?§a??a??a??a?° a??a??a??a??
i? e?˜e?¤ a??a??a??a??a??a??a??a??a??
i?°i?©i?˜e?¤ a??a??a?µa??a??
e??e?¤ a??a?­a??a?«a??a?±a??a??a?­a?? (a??a??a??a??a??a??a??a??a??a??a??a?­a??a?«a??a?±a??)
i?¬i?©i?˜e?¤ a??a??a??
i??e?? a??a??a??a??a?§a??
e? i?˜e?¤ a??a??a?­a?? a??a??a??a??a??
e¶?i??e?° a??a??a??a??a??a??a??a??
e??e??e?¤e??e?? a??a??a??a??a?¶a??a??a?§a??a??a??a??a??a??a?¶a??
e??i?? a??a?±a??a?©a??a?°a??a??a??a??a??a??a??
i??e??i?˜e?¤ a??a?·a?­ a?«a??a??a?§
i¶?i?µ a??a?§a??a??a??a??a??a??a??
Av a??,e?? e?¤e?  i?˜e?¤Dv e?¤e?  i?˜e?¤N(i??) e??e?  i?˜e?¤ a??a?­a??a?§a??a??……..a??a??a?µa??a??a?§a??a??……..


Question Answer
Abstruse Difficult to understand, confusingSyn: confusingAdjAbstrusely Abstruseness
Abberation Deviation, not normalSyn: deviation, insanity, abnormalNounAberrant
Adroit Cleverness or resourcefullnesSyn: clever, skilledAdjAdroitAdroitly
Adept Thoroughly proficient or expertSyn: adroit, brainy, capableAdjAdeptlyAdeptness
Accost To confront boldlySyn: confront, hail, address, shout toVerbAccostable
Adamant Not yieldingSyn: insistent, persistent, rigidAdjAdamancyAdamantly
Acumen Thoughtfulness, keenness-especially in practical mattersSyn: sharpness, clevernessNounAcuminous
Acrimony Bitter animosity> resentment or angerSyn: resentment, animosity, spitefulnessNounAcrimonious
Abate To lessenSyn: subsided, decrease, weakerVerbAbatementAbatableAbater
Abhor To hateSyn: Dispise, detestVerbAnchoredAbhoring
Affected Artificial, pretentious, and designed to impressAdjective

Trading in Europe European Economies 2

Term Definition
economic continuum a 0-100 scale which ranks world economies from most command -learning (0) to most market-learning (100)
mixed economy term used to describe the market/command blending of all modern world economies.
Brexit 2016 referendum whereupon a majority of British citizens voted for the U.K. to withdraw from the European Union.
domestic term which refers to the products of services originating in one's own country;it is the antonym of foreign.
Eurozone European Union member nations who use the euro as their common currency.
GPD per capita the average annual income of a nation's citizens;per capita is Latin for"by each head"
gross domestic product (GDP) The estimated total value of all the final goods and services produced in a nation in a year's time
voluntary trade
trade barrier
currency exchange
exchange rate


Question Answer
Eyepiece Contains the ocular lense
Nosepiece Holds the objective lenses and can be rotated to change the magnification
Objective Lenses To change the magnification that ranges from 10x to 40x
Stage Clips Holds the slide in place
Stage Supports the slide to be viewed
Light Source Projects light upwards through the diaphragm, specimen, and the lenses
Base Supports the microscope
Diaphragm Controls the amount of light on the specimen
Fine adjustment knob Moves the stage to sharpen the image
Coarse adjustment knob Moves the stage up and down to focus
Arm Supports the microscope when being carried

LOTF chap.6-8 vocab

Term Definition
Sage a very wise person
Embroil Involving someone deeply in a conflict
Diffident lack of self-confidence; shy
Chasm A deep fissure in earth or rock
Exulting show or feel rejoice because of success
Mutinous refusing to obey a person in authority
Dramatic irony when an audience knows something a character doesn't
Impervious injured
Bravado big display of courage
Foil A character that has characteristics that oppose another character, usually the protagonist; antagonist
Personification giving unhuman objects human characteristics; the lighting danced across the sky